Banned Chat Groups

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Banned Chat Groups

Post by Joe on Sun May 19, 2013 2:07 am

Sometimes people form chat groups and get other people to join them. They use similar accounts and hang out in a private chat. While this is ok it is NOT ok to embark on raids of any sort to other chats and cause trouble via spamming, trolling etc. when the group was made in Youtopia and involved Youtopian regulars. This reflects poorly on the individuals who cause such mischief and can create a bad rep and then that bad rep spreads to Youtopia since the person with the bad rep hangs out there thus giving visitors who know about the troublemakers think poorly of any chat they visit. For this reason any regular who commits such childish crimes will have their account banned from Youtopia and using it can lead to a REAL ban! Below is a list of chat groups that have been banned from Youtopia for constantly commiting such immature actions.

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